Photo school

Invention of photography became a huge breakthrough in the history of mankind. Technologies of reproducing a ‘captured moment’ changed in the course of decades. Came masters and apprentices, geniuses and bunglers.

The advent of digital photography significantly simplified many processes, but still, one characteristic remains as important as ever: PROFESSIONALISM. Pressing a ‘magic’ button – be it a point-and-shoot camera or a state-of-the-art equipment – is not that difficult, but an expensive camera does not mean automatic success. The true skill is to see a stunning and the only angle, understand the philosophy, and conceive the laws of photography. The DI-ART school of photography was established for those interested in all that.

Cast and characters: attendees and coaches – experts of the highest caliber, capable of conveying their knowledge and skills in theory and in practice. For some, the photography school will become a good help in the art of amateur photography, somebody will surely become an expert in this difficult yet pleasant trade. There also will be classes for those who have no skills of handling a camera at all.

The DI-ART school of photography offers a full course of the science of photography and the author’s courses in all areas of photography art, theoretical and practical lessons on various subjects and genres.

The classes in our school are devised to ensure that a coach have time to devote attention to every student. Small groups of five to eight students are the optimal option, proven by international practice. We also offer a possibility of individual studying: our coaches may hold the lessons in a place and time convenient for you.

The DI-ART school of photography is a guaranteed advance on the way toward perfection in the art of photography, which, as we know, has no limits.