About Company

DI-ART Studio photo production has the best photographers and experts in sphere of style, makeup, visage, lighting, and design, including interior design. Also, DI-ART Studio works with popular talented artists. In addition, our company offers copyright consulting services.

Only DI-ART Studio offers master classes from such renowned photographers as Oleg Bazhenov, Mick Lehman,†Sergei Pivnenko, Aleksandr Morderer. The studio also has a permanent school of photography.

What makes the DI-ART Studio project unique is the combination of representatives of various schools, genres, and styles in a modern visual industry.

DI-ART Studio photo production is geared toward creation of a high-class professional product encompassing all segments of the photographic art market. DI ĖART Studio implements own projects and offers services in all phases of pre-production, production, and post-production, ranging from the development of ideas and logistics to the delivery of finished product.